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Rudra Bairagi is a passionate blogger and content writer based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from JNVU, Jodhpur in 2019. Rudra’s interests lie in a diverse range of topics, including finance, cryptocurrency, technology, and more, which have inspired him to write quality content on various subjects.

In 2017, Rudra started his career as an accountant manager and GST tax practitioner, where he gained in-depth knowledge of finance and tax laws. In 2020, Rudra started his journey as a content writer, focusing on creating informative and educational content in his free time.

Now, Rudra has taken up full-time blogging since February 2022, pursuing his passion for writing and sharing valuable insights with his audience. With his expertise in finance, technology, and content writing, Rudra is committed to producing high-quality content that helps his readers in every possible way.